Ulfat Mustafin Represents Further Social and Economic Development Plan of Ufa

Ulfat Mustafin Represents Further Social and Economic Development Plan of Ufa

29 October 2018
On October 29, 2018 Ulfat Mustafin was elected as the Head of Ufa City Municipal District Administration and represented his view on further socio-economic development of Ufa during the meeting of members of Ufa City Municipal District Council.

These are main issues mentioned in the speech:

“First thing that has to be done is to finish the project “City development strategy”. I consider it as one with a good foundation but I would propose to complete the Strategy.

Large enterprises in Ufa have their development roadmap for years in advance. They have to work in coordination with municipal strategy. Otherwise, the city won’t have an opportunity to develop rapidly on high quality level.

The Strategy has to be aimed at Ufa to become more comfortable for people. This includes leisure area, outdoors and roads improvement. Ufa should have an image of modern city.  

It is necessary to focus on remote Ufa’s districts development – Shaksha, Dema, Zaton etc. It is a demanding challenge but we should work on it.

Ufa’s strong point – is an advanced building sector which put dozens of social venues and dwellings into operation.

Nevertheless, today the city faces with lack of social venues problem. There are no new clinics, schools and kindergartens near new residential complexes. Most of provided facilities are already overstretched. Classes in kindergarten are overcrowded, schools work several shifts, long queues in clinics… At the same time, the city is oversupplied with malls many of which are unclaimed at all.

This system should be balanced! Houses have to be built in league with social venues. This is the issue for government as well as for business which should also be responsible for development of social sphere.

Another Ufa’s strong point – is its investment attractiveness. First of all, it is investment in production, innovation and information technologies. It is necessary to develop brunches which will attract best competencies from across the country.

Ufa development based on new technologies has to become one of the main issues for authorities. I speak about companies like Bashneft, Burintach, Witzenmann, Ufavita, Gazprom etc.  This list should grow!

Of course, the main and most valuable potential of Ufa – people. Skilled personnel can be found in all spheres and fields. Our goal is to give people an opportunity to fulfill their potential in their native city.  Especially, this comes to teenagers.

As for me, municipal program should be drew up to provide youth generation with assistance in choosing of future profession relevant on employment market.

Moreover, Administration should work with public more active, guarantee transparency and provide citizens with unbiased answers.

Now, let’s turn to main weak points – Road Traffic sphere and housing conditions improvement.

Ufa needs new bridges, highways and arterial roads due to its geographical location. It is a major problem for citizens who spend long time in traffics every morning driving in the city.

The help of Republic’s Government in this sphere is essential, ‘cause the budget of city will not be able to cover such large-scale problem.

Another subtopic of the problem is modern public service vehicle development.  Offers on different types of transport service improvement should be considered and I hope the solution will be found.

As for the housing conditions improvement, for a number of reasons Ufa has a high level of timber buildings and dilapidated housing.

It is necessary to organize collaborative work of investors, builders and authorities to solve this problem.

It has to be said about the worn-out of 70-80% of utilities! Regarding the successful results of the project “Safe and quality roads” I consider the necessity of implementing the program on pipelines and networks renovation. This should take safe energy and resource supply to a new level.

Ufa’s municipal equipment fleet needs to be modernized, too. Vehicle fleet renovation has to be carried systematically.

Dear deputies! If today I am entrusted to be the Head of Ufa Administration, I will put out all my knowledge, experience and skills to provide Ufa citizens with warm and comfortable houses, new kindergartens, schools and clinics, modernized public transport, clean city with all modern conveniences and we would be able to be proud to live in the capital of Bashkortostan!

In conclusion, I would like to say that Ufa has a potential to become comfortable and safe city. To solve all problems we should join the forces with republic’s authorities. So, first action, then talk.”