Irek Yalalov met with Ruichang city delegation

Irek Yalalov met with Ruichang city delegation

24 April 2018
On April 24, the Head of Ufa City Municipal District Administration Irek Yalalov met with the delegation of Ruichang, led by Executive Deputy Mayor of Ruichang Municipal People’s Government Mr. Zhu Fabing. Deputy Head of Ufa City Administration Ilgiz Nasyrtdinov, Head of Economics and Strategy Planning Division of Ufa City Administration Olga Krasnova also attended the meeting.

During the conversation, Mr. Irek Yalalov told about economical, industrial and cultural potential of Ufa. In particular, the Head of Administration noted that Ufa aimed at creating an ecofriendly and comfortable living environment for citizens and visitors using the "Smart City" technologies. He also told about major international events that Ufa hosted and the events were being prepared.

Irek Yalalov noted that Ufa paid great attention to the relationships with sister-cities, among them: Nanchang, Qiqihar, Hefei and Shenyang.
- “We hope that today’s meeting will also give us positive impulses for further cooperation. Interaction and cooperation with The People’s Republic of China is a priority direction for us” - Head of Ufa City Municipal District Administration noted. - “The interest in China and Chinese language has increased among youth in Bashkortostan Republic. For several years Chinese has being studied as an additional course in a number of schools in Ufa.”

During the meeting representatives of Ruichang noted that Ufa experience of heating supply might be useful in China. Heating season in the capital of Bashkortostan republic continued for 220 days, and 98% of the buildings in the city were heated by central heating system.

The Deputy Mayor of Municipal People’s Government of Ruichang Mr. Zhu Fabing thanked for the warm welcome and noted that they were interested in cooperation in the fields of education, agriculture and industry.